The holiday!

At the last day of the semester in STM... i was involved in the graduation service as an usher and in the choir.. it was packed with people, relatives and friends of the graduating students! I met Pr. YH that day and we talked a bit regarding my 2 months practicals in EMUSJ! that day was one of the tiring day i had in STM! My plan was to go back after dinner that day and join my care group back in Subang Jaya. well, it ended with a not so encouraging evening when my friend send a disturbing sms to me by forsaking him and not asking him out for dinner... some of my classmates console me and tell me to forget about it! after all, i did not do anything wrong..

My two weeks of holiday started off with CC's ROM (Registration of Marriage) in Putrajaya... as usual we took pictures and we went for lunch in Alamanda Putrajaya... after that the rest of the week was kinda boring cause i just stayed at home and rested!

Donno why cc and i have the urge to play snooker! haha.... we went out thinking of where to play.. so we decided to go to Sunway Pyramid for the game of snooker! unfortunately, shorts and slippers are not allowed to enter because CC was wearing his 3/4 pants! but 4 days before his wedding, he want to buy a new shirt for his wedding dinner so we went back to Pyramid to shop for his shirt and then we got to play a few rounds of snooker after that... it really bring back old memory and the old skills in snooker i once had is rusty because i was making a lot of fault balls in the game!

On Thursday 29th Oct, A highlight in my holiday, i went down to Melaka for a day trip (evening trip) not knowing the way to go there to the hotel SC was staying... i went down with a few pages of map downloaded from Google map... amazing what you can do on the internet!! met SC there because she was attending a Leadership seminar in Melaka... what did we do there? just drive around melaka.... walk around the shopping complex that was just opposite the A Famosa (do not remember what is the name) there are a lot of changes there its been a long time since the last time i visited the place... after that we went for a meal, Capitol Satay Celup not hard to find! just turning round and round to look for a suitable parking spot! The next day, we went out to Pyramid played Ice-skating together! i can't move smoothly like last time i played ice-skating! maybe due to my weight! :P later we went to Bandar Utama to Canaan Land and browse through some books then later that day send her to Pudu bus station!

Another highlight of my holidays was CC's wedding! look at us the whole group! the sisters and the brothers! the whole of Saturday i was busy! fetching people and helping out in his wedding day! Gave a speech as a best man for his wedding dinner as well!

Now after 2 weeks of holiday sleeping at home! I am in EMUSJ church preparing for my youth work with the youths and looking for information and inspiration for the Youth Camp messages as well! preparing for December's caroling! Sunday School's VBS and other things!

Cheers to everyone of my STM mates who are now everywhere serving our Lord in their practicals!

Wednesday, 4th November 2009

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