Friday... 4 days more till christmas.. what is CHRISTMAS?

Whoa... i can't believe it.. there goes another year! time really flies by fast! now i'm already working for DiGi for 3 years already and the next year is my 4th..

i'm already in my holiday mood now...did not really work today.. just complete some report and get my event budget for 2008.. send it to my manager.. and just waited for the meeting (that last about two and a half hours) killing... mostly talked about the things that need to be done next year! sigh.. came back straight after the meeting is over... get a shower and guess what next? i went to sleep.. :P i do not know why am i so tired afterall all i do today is just meeting and in front of my notebook the wholeday!

At last, i fixed my sister's computer, brought it down and set it up! and its WORKING... wakakaka... now the total of computers i have at home is.. 4 PC and i think there is 2 notebooks! i can set up a network and play.. Tower Defence! haha...

Christmas is so near and i haven't get any Christmas gifts.. maybe i'll be going this sunday for shopping! but.. to think about it.. i think the shopping complexes will be swarming with people doing their year end shopping rush! just like the time i went to Mid Valley... so 1 lesson that i learned.. is that i should shop before the holiday / shopping season! *note to self*

there will be a lot to do during this week end! prepare for sunday! prepare for youth christmas party! prepare for christmas worship... and the dinner! i got myself so occupied u hardly have time to go shopping!

so what does Christmas mean to me? is it just getting occupied during the holidays? shopping? with all the decorations up.. carols and christmas song being played in shopping complexes.. people going for the shopping rush.. sales in every shop!.. and CHRISTMAS IS HERE!! no doubt that's what christmas means to a lot of people! and the true meaning of Christmas has been removed from the world! no one cares about the meaning about Christmas and just get along with everyone in the Christmas Rush.. i asked myself regarding of this matter one day.. i tought about it.. and i realized that every other festival people know what they are celebrating for.. but when it comes to Christmas or even Easter its corrupted by other symbols and the world does not look at the true reason of this festival!

Wake up! and remember why we celebrate.. Christmas is about HOPE, PEACE and JOY God gift to all man by sending His only Son to Die for our sins. this is the true meaning of christmas to remember what God have done for all mankind!

"And the angel of the Lord appeared ... and the Glory of the Lord shone... I bring you good tidings and great joy that will be for all people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord." Luke 2: 10 - 11

"Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests." Luke 2:14

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