Its been quite a while since i updated my blog! work is heavy cause its the year end for 2007... been very busy lately with DiGi and Church preparing for Christmas!
so what have i been doing? hmm... hard to recall since i so long did not update the blog!

something interesting happen on the month of November! went out with Gina to a performance by a famous acapella group from Australia.. it is a nice time i had when we travel in the traffic jam to the Alexis bistro!

We've got a table right in front of the stage! but sometimes i got blocked by heads and i cannot see...

At last... Regina was complaining why there are no picture of she and i.. so now we have one!

And there was a picture taken with Kelly and Regina.. :P

so what next? in the month of november i was busy prepaing for the Annual Mission Trip for the church!

it was different this time the mission trip! everyone is tired... went from village after another.. and i was the driver.. i was so tired.. i nearly fell asleep behind the wheel.. nearly bang into a person on bicycle on the way back to Amin farm.

As usual.. i'm one of the guitarist there... the other guitarist wan Uncle Steven!

I was asked to give out the presents for the childrens! there...

Group Picture before we return to Subang Jaya

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