October Holiday!

Its october now! and DiGi my big company requires all their merchandisers and sales people to redeco the dealer's outlet. kinda giving us more things to do! this time around there are 2 different types of sticker that we need to stick! come on.. as if there are not enough work already! on top of all the work i have done.. on the 3rd day, they announced that the stickers printed wrongly! most of us including me, complained that they should have double check before executing the project! at last we were allowed to just use it! will be working on this project until the 21st Oct!

i was anticipating for the coming Raya holidays on the month of October although i'm not celebrating it but the public holiday does help me to relax and take my mind out of the project from DiGi!

On wednesday! the first day! stayed at home the whole day just playing Elven Blood and PS2 the whole day! haha... relaxed leh! got a long sleep in the afternoon also! at night i skipped the Badminton games for a dinner in Jogoya! with cc,ff,kh,Mt,Ky and YC (am the only single there if u know what i mean!) this is the second time i went for dinner in Jogoya! just looking forward to the fresh Oysters! yummy!!

The fresh oysters! this time i only had 5pcs! mostly i whack the salmon sashimi

on my right! CC,FF and YC

On my left: MT,KH and KY

CC and I 'he's busy sucking the snail out'

Another nice dish with the mini lobster!

Had a good time together.. the next day, Ky suggested we go to FRIM for an outing! he said "There will be bicycles for rent and for those who do not know how to cycle there are motorbikes as well" "Lets go there since we put on some weight tonight" early morning the second day of holiday on Thursday we head off to Kepong lead by KY and we ended up making a U turn cause he brought us to the wrong road! haha.... classic man.. really classic! and when we reach our destination! guess what! there are NO bicycles for rent what more a motorbike! so we just went and walk admiring the nature!

Nice shot by YC the malaysian rain forest!

i was looking for more adventure rather than just walking on the road!

walk slowly admiring the nature!

After FRIM we went to CHILLI'S 1U... i do not know why FF so sad! maybe i get to eat first!

FRIM outing pictures are from YC!

After the trip! reached home at about 2pm! took a shower and went straight to beg after Elven Blood! :) at night my sister cooked carbonara pasta for dinner! and that ends my holiday! and now back to work!

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