The reading week!

It's been a while since i last blogged, time really passes by quickly and now there are 2 months left till the end of my second semester. what will be of me during the year end break? a lot of people asked me this question, well... i am a seminary student now.. so year end for 2 months i'll be attached to a Chinese Methodist Church for practicals. Which church? well.. i seriously do not know! it is all in the hands of my CAC president, but i think i might have 2 weeks interval before i start my 2 months practicals... this is what i do then... have a good rest and attend CC's wedding as his best man! i wonder will i be able to follow him to KK for another round or not, this depends on my posting to my practical church! if i want to go means i need to take leave from my practical church's pastor which i do not know who or where now! so.. i'll just leave it.. when the time comes i'll know then i'll request and see!

This semester i have 5 assignment papers and 3 semester exams! i've been really busy the pass weeks getting my resources and information for my first OT assignment paper, on top of that, now i really feel the pinch in taking up Greek2 for credit. i should have listen to my pastor's advise! lol :P well, no harm learning more! I have completed my OT exegesis on Amos 7:1-9, not an easy test to work on! there are so much things to write and so much hidden meaning to it! and now with that out of the way, i need to be prepare for the next NT exegesis paper which will have much more things to write on!

This week started the reading week, hooray! no classes... time to catch up on my readings and assignments! and the canteen have been closed because of the cleanliness of the kitchen so i have to eat outside for all my meals! at lease i can take a break from taking the canteen food! hehe...

Today, came back to Seremban by KTM and as usual, the train have problems in Subang and i need to wait for 45 minutes for it! when i reached KL Sentral there i waited again for 30 minutes for the train to Seremban arrive... when will the Malaysian Transport system be more effective? who knows? they rather fight in the leadership than concern themselves with the needs of the public! I have an interesting day today, just by walking from the KTM station to the Bus station Terminal 1.. it was a good walk! I will be traveling down to JB this thursday and Friday will be going to Singapore for the Dead Sea Scroll exhibition! so i need to get the bus ticket and travel down by bus and come back by bus again to KL. Its been ages since i travel across state by bus!
The ticket that i bought! hehe... cost RM25 only to go to JB from Seremban!

After getting the ticket, went to the Terminal 1 shopping complex aka Sungai Wang of Seremban! there is the only place i can shop for my computer needs in seremban.. other places like Jusco or Seremban parade might not have the item that i need! hehe... so went and bought an anti-virus!
Jacky Chan become the face for Kaspersky anti-virus? haha.....

I donno why Jacky Chan is there... and i did not buy this anti-virus because of him although i like his movies also! i bought it because i think it is good enough as an anti-virus so i am recommending it to Sab! hehe... After walking around a while.... i walked back to KTM and went to Seremban parade! i was wondering what to eat but at last i ate in the Chicken Rice Shop! haha.... been eating there for a few times already although it is not the best!

Went back to STM after my lunch! it is so quiet! not many cars! most of the students went home! so i went to the Library the whole afternoon today! catching up on my resource gathering and reading! hehe.....

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