Lunch with OM!!!

Last weekend, as usual.. service in Kepong CMC. Teach in the sunday school and there was a new believer that was handled to me to have a discipliship class with him. i agree to meet up with him next coming sunday and hopefully when we interact we could find a conclusion on the metarial that we are going to use. Saturday, most of the outreach team for OCZ came back for debriefing. the team to Camerons came back. i called Sab and ask how was the outreach. She is free on sunday so i asked her to meet up for lunch but she have prior lunch appointment. interestingly, Gim ask if i would join them for lunch as they are also going to celebrate the successful completion of the OCZ event and giving Simon a birthday lunch cum party.

After Church last sunday... i have an lunch appointment with OM in 1 Utama at 12:30pm
so straight after church i go there.. parked my car and went looking for the restaurant!

Seoul Garden.. a Korean BBQ buffet! its been a while since i have a nice Korean meal.
Simon taught me how to eat korean style. Wrap the lettuce around the BBQ meat with kimchi and Korean chili sauce! yummy! i kept eating like that!!

I had a good time fellowshipping with all the staffs. the only non staff were Sab and I :P but still its a good time.. we ended at about 3pm after saying goodbyes to everyone. Sab and i went to catch a movie in GSC... we watched The Lost World!

this is a hilarious no brainer movie! we laughed at all the witty jokes by will ferrell and after the show we don get what are we watching... :P

After the show we walked around and we went to have some ice-cream! Haagen-Dass!!
we ordered banana split and share! very expensive la!

She is enjoying her ice-cream!

Met Steven who is working in Haagen-dass 1U

After that we walked around 1U and finally i send Sab to Desa Kiara at about 8.15pm! and i reached home sightly after 9pm! what a long day! haha....

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