No more holiday! just one day break...

Holiday just went off with just a blink of an eye! and thats it... back to the routine life! work.. work.. fortunately today office not much to do! came home early too..

After this month is over, i'll get busier! mostly because of work and ministry in church.. normal lar.. end of the year means have to prepare for christmas! there will be mission trips, conferences and planning to do the end of this year! thats how is going to be! God bless me with wisdom, strength and hope for my work and ministries!

ok! Kelly asked me to put some of the old picture we took together.. here they are... actually i got only 2..

Picture taken at Ripley's Believe It or Not - Genting Highlands, Vintage 2003

Picture taken in GMSJ, Vintage 2004

Thats the picture i have! older.. don have... i think the picture taken at GMSJ is the last picture taken before we took one in Starbucks.. :P

This is something interesting that i found on You tube.. after SH emailed me the article.. i search for it in the youtube.. this is what i found! i think its so cool! imagine you are sitting there playing around with it!


gina said...

Wah.. Where are the pictures of you and me leh? And you 2 went out without me! T.T Hehe.. This December must go out lah.
Eh. So Nov 29 how? Come see The Idea of North with me! Kelly is going too. =)

gina said...

Yeah we probably don't have any pics together. Haha..

But the thing is at night! Even if you don't come for dinner, you can come for the performance which starts at 9 pm. Just get off work a bit earlier lah. Please!!! =) =)

gina said...
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gina said...

What: The Idea of North
When: 28 & 29 November 2007 @ 9 pm
Where: Alexis Bistro & Wine Bar, KL
Why: Because they're fantastic and you won't regret it!
How much: $25 cover charge

We're going on Nov 29. Having dinner there at 7:30 pm then staying for the performance at 9 pm.
I've already booked a table for 10. Will add more seats if needed. Let the Youth know as well if you can. It's gonna be awesome! =) =)

Here are the links to visit:
- Official website:
- MySpace Page:
Have a listen to the tracks they've put up on both websites.

gina said...

For sure I'll talk to you lah. Kelly is going wat. Then if you tell the Youth, you got more ppl to talk to!