REally have nothing to do on Saturday! went to badminton in the morning and went to get a sister to church for practice! after that i've got a lot of time to spare! so what should i do?

so i decided to go kai kai.. and i dragged Chi Tatt with me.. on the way sending the sister home.. we decided to go to Sunway pyramid! why? cause saturday is the opening of the Pyramid new wing!

Now pyramid is really big.. we just walked around... bum in to some friends.. went up to the recreation center played Time Crisis 4... and just walk and walk...

den i decided to sit down and relax while getting some cool ice-cream! hahah.... yummy... there are a lot of people ice-skating.. and makes the ice melted!

so we continue our journey! towards the new wing again! saw a place which make my eye open wide! what else? food!! and its not open yet! wanna know what? Shogun is opening in pyramid! so there is no need to go all the way to one utama to get that anymore! hahaha....

so wait for me Shogun! i'll be there! yummy!

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