JB and SG

Thomas, the brother from DGC offered to host me for the 5 nights i stay in JB.

Thomas' Apartment! simple and nice!

On the 3rd June, we went to Wesley Methodist in JB
OM having Teenstreet there.. so Sab and I poped in and visit them.

On the 3rd which is wednesday, after visiting Teenstreet. We went out with Unc. Wye Choong and visited the newly completed Daya church building.. too bad i i forgot to take any pictures there.. it is a nice design like an auditorium. It was my birthday on wednesday, i did not tell Sab it was my birthday. i think she knew about it in the morning.. :P donno which sources that she heard it from. Anyway, we went to Jusco and watched Terminator Salvation! i have to explain what happen in the first episode to her cause she got no idea what is happening! haha...

We had dinner later that night in Manhattan Fish. Told her that it was my bday and i paid for the dinner... not long after that we got another ticket to watch Night at the Museum! two movies in the same day! hahaha... well.. thats how i have ended my birthday in JB! and now i'm in my 30...

The next day, Sab and I journeyed down to SG in a bus after having a meal of Kuey Teow Kia.. haha... we have to walk through the ridiculously far to reach the Malaysian Immigration just to get to the pasport terminal have to walk another round. Really do not understand what are they doing making the department so big but not user friendly at all! We took the bus to Jerong East and went to the Science center. Payed 50% discount for people who are holding the white card with malaysian passport so we went to the Snow City and the exibition in the Science center. The snow city is really small.. Genting's is even bigger! haha....

Kuey Teow Kia... yummy...

Picture taken outside the Science Center

I look bigger than the dinosour! hehe

On friday! we went to the night Safari together with Sab's brother, sister in law, her 3 young cousins and also with Hue Jin.. to take picture using flash wasnt allowed so the pictures i took couldnt see the animals! we had a fun time walking in the safari...

Sabrina and I at the Night Safari

Sabrina's cousins and I

Weekends, it was a free and easy time spend in JB. Went and eat Loi Cha then hang out in Jusco and starbucks.. attended the youth fellowship and on sunday attended the Sunday worship! the worship was simple with a chairman and also there were an open worship which i felt abit odd! hahaa.... the members (guys) will just stand up to share and worship. The pianist have to really know most of the songs because of this open worship time! after Service, i was invited to have breakfast in one of the leader's house before i journey back home with Unc. Wye Choong.
Uncle Siah chairing the Sunday Worship

Breakfast together with Mr. Lee's Family, Sabrina and Unc. Wye Choong

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