First week of the academic semester

The academic semester begins on the 12 January on Tuesday. My first day of class I have class in the morning, afternoon and evening. The main core subjects are on the first day itself. I’ve got 3 assignments on the first day of class. Each day when I’ve got some free time, I’ll be in the library just to read up some books and doing my assignments. Another reason for me to be in the library is because my room is hot in the afternoon. I’ve also started the Greek class. It is a fun class to be in. Lecturer taught the class to sing ABC in the Greek alphabets.

The English for Theology class is quite tough as well. The lecturer for the English class really make me think whether i have pronounced or say the word correctly. Today, there is a class on Christian Spirituality. The lecturer of this class i nice.

Today, joined the farming team. purpose! is to farm vegetables and fruits to financially help the poorer students. We were preparing the land for the vegetable farming in the evening. there are so much work to be done just to farm vegetables! reminds me of the farms in Cameron Highlands.. really hard work for them to look after all the vegetables.

there are no class tonight. i have the rest of the evening free. so i went out with Ronnie to the night market!
Look at the crowd!!

There are a lot of cookies and snacks sold tonight at the night market because the Chinese new year is coming... after walking a while...

The biggest pao i've ever seen! too bad i already have my dinner!

While just walking around there was a very nice breeze of wind there.. there is always a nice breeze here in STM.. especially when i walk out in the morning.. it is just so wonderful the wind blow the cool air! i think i'm gonna like this place!

Will be having a Greek class tomorrow morning! and after that i've got the whole afternoon free! time to do my assignments!

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